3-ch Power Amplifier PCB BOM


Reference(s) Qty Description Footprint Example
C1 3 Input blocking film capacitor, 4.7 uF 50V C_Rect_L7.2mm_W7.2mm_P5.00mm MKS2B044701K00MSSD
C3, C5, C10, C11 12 Decoupling aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 100uF 63V CP_Radial_D8.0mm_P3.50mm 63ZLH100MEFC8X16
C12* 1 Turn-on delay aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 47uF 50V CP_Radial_D6.3mm_P2.50mm UVK1H470MED1TD
C13* 1 Turn-off delay aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 1uF 50V CP_Radial_D5.0mm_P2.00mm UVZ1H010MDD1TA
C14* 1 DC-detecting film capacitor, 33nF 50V C_Rect_L7.2mm_W2.5mm_P5.00mm R82EC2330JA50J
C15* 1 DC-detecting film capacitor, 330nF 50V C_Rect_L7.2mm_W4.5mm_P5.00mm R82DC3330DQ60K
C16* 1 DC-detecting Bi-Polar aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 22uF 50V CP_Radial_D8.0mm_P3.50mm UVP1H220MPD1TA
Q3, Q6 6 BD140 BJT PNP TO-126-3 BD14010STU
Q4 3 BC546 BJT NPN TO-92_Inline BC546B
Q5 3 BD139 BJT NPN TO-126-3 BD13910S
Q7 3 MJL4302 BJT 15A 350V PNP TO-264-3_Horizontal_TabDown MJL4302AG
Q8 3 MJL4281 BJT 15A 350V NPN TO-264-3_Horizontal_TabDown MJL4281AG
Q12,Q13* 6 IRF540N MOSFET 100V 33A 44mOhm 47.3nC TO-220-3 IRF540NPBF
R14, R15 6 Wirewound resistors, 5W 0.33Ohm R_Radial_Power_L13.0mm_W9.0mm_P5.00mm TWW5JR33E
RV1 3** Bias setting multiturn potentiometer, 2kOhm 3296W_Vertical 3296W-1-202
9 Terminal P5.08 Keystone_1287 1287-ST***
3**** Headers P2.54 PinSocket_1x30_P2.54mm_Vertical 76308-210LF


* This components are part of the protection circuit and could be omitted if one's not utilized

** You can use the same pot to set quiescent current for all three channels, replacing it with a resistor after the required value has been established.

*** Work with these and these spade terminals

**** You can use 2 10-pin sockets in the corners, or omit them all together and solder the pre-amp PCB directly in.