4-ch Preamplifier PCB BOM


Ref Qty Description Footprint Example
1 3 Polypropylene film capacitor, 2.2 nF C_Rect_L7.2mm_W2.5mm_P5.00mm PHE426DJ4220JR05
2 12 Polypropylene film capacitor, 10 nF C_Rect_L7.2mm_W3.0mm_P5.00mm MKP2D021001B00JSSD
3 10 Polypropylene film capacitor, 33 nF C_Rect_L7.2mm_W3.0mm_P5.00mm MKP2C023301B00KSSD
4 2-4* PET film capacitor, 100 nF C_Rect_L7.2mm_W2.5mm_P5.00mm MKS2D031001A00JSSD
5 3-4* Bi-polar aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 220uF 6.3V C_Radial_D8.0mm_H7.0mm_P3.50mm USP0J221MDD
6 1 PET film capacitor, 1 uF C_Rect_L7.2mm_W7.2mm_P5.00mm MKS2D041001K00KSSD
2 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, 10uF 25V CP_Radial_D5.0mm_P2.00mm UPS1V100MDD
2-3** Headers P2.54 Angled PinHeader_1x30_P2.54mm_Horizontal 10129379-910003BLF


* If sub-woofer output not required (as is the case for one pcb in 2-channel set-up) two 100 nF and one 220 uF caps can be omitted.

** Only two 10-pin connectors in the corners are necessary, but 3 can be used to provide better stability.